Arrival in Spokane
Aug 3, 2013Public
Photo: Getting ready for the flight from Honolulu to Spokane
Photo: They were very good on this long flight, and found ways to amuse themselves.
Photo: Yes, I'm having fun! Now can I play Minecraft?
Photo: And there's Spokane, Washington.
Photo: Spokane is the 2nd-largest city in Washington with a population of 209,525 or 532,000 (metro). It's nowhere near Seattle, clear on the other side of the state.
Photo: We made it to Washington, a new state. Like Grant's spiffy Lego R2-D2 watch?
Photo: Our home for the road trip was a 2013 Dodge Caravan.
Photo: Plenty of room for the little ones. Who's going to see the first Hawaii license plate?
Photo: They liked to sing "Baby Shark" and "Drama Llama". Other activities included singing, I Spy and guessing games. I-90 wasn't busy enough for the license plate game. Oh, and Minecraft on the iPad and Lego Star Wars DS.
Photo: Driving into downtown Spokane.
Photo: Funny story: Our airline ticket said rental car pick-up was in Scranton, not Spokane. I thought it was a typo, but Alamo confirmed it was indeed reserved in Scranton. In Pennsylvania! It got fixed.
Photo: Ah, the big city
Photo: Downtown Spokane. Not a bad skyline.
Photo: Our first hotel just oozed urbanity (or will compared to the other places we're staying).
Photo: Downtown has a nice Riverfront Park, we'll explore a bit before dinner. At the Rotary Fountain, Anya remarked we should've bought swimsuits.
Photo: We'll find something fun for the kids since they endured a long airplane ride.
Photo: The Looff Carrousel was built in 1909, one of the oldest in the US. The oldest is the Flying Horses in Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard
Photo: Grant wanted to ride the Bengal Tiger, since that was his flag football team. Then he noticed it wouldn't bounce, so opted for a horse.
Photo: Hold on tight, this carousel is fast.
Photo: Anya got a fast gray horse
Photo: It was Mama's first Merry-Go-Round ride.