Sheridan and Wyoming
Aug 3, 2013Public
Photo: Our next state: Wyoming! The least populous state, we found plenty to see and do here.
Photo: As you can see, the weather was just fine, although a little hot.
Photo: Our first stop was Sheridan, with a population of 17,698.
Photo: My Grandpa Simmerman (Mom's side) was from Sheridan, so there's a family connection.
Photo: A charming and very "Old West" kind of town.
Photo: Rodeo is the state sport of Wyoming. Perhaps we should catch one.
Photo: The historic Wyo theater. Sheridan is one of Wyoming's oldest towns, named for General "Little Phil" Sheridan. Besides being instrumental in bringing about Lee's surrender in the Civil War, he was Custer's superior in the Indian Wars.
Photo: We came on a Sunday, where everything was closed up.
Photo: Statue of Buffalo Bill Cody, famous showman who auditioned in Sheridan.
Photo: Grant wanted out of the car to get a picture with the bears.
Photo: City Hall
Photo: Not General Sheridan
Photo: Retro JC Penney's
Photo: As we drove around, we noticed Sheridan had some very nice houses
Photo: And sadly for us, probably cost far less than our place in Hawaii
Photo: And here we are, Kendrick Park. My friend Lish, from Sheridan, recommended this place to stop for a spell.
Photo: Big Goose Creek
Photo: Our picnic lunches. When I was younger, my family would take long road trips. We'd always do picnics for lunch and we did the same on this trip. Not only did this save money, but we found some fun places to eat outdoors.
Photo: In Spokane, we went grocery shopping for picnic supplies like peanut butter and jelly. Mama and Papa took it all in good spirits.
Photo: Isn't this more fun than McDonalds?
Photo: Hey, we have some visitors who want to share our lunch.