Rapid City Dinosaurs & Water Slides
Aug 12, 2013Public
Photo: Another urban adventure, this time in Rapid City, South Dakota
Photo: Downtown, as it is.
Photo: Heading up Skyline Drive, to see the view, among other things.
Photo: Rapid City has a population 69,854 with 138,000 in the metro area. It's the 2nd-largest city in South Dakota after Sioux Falls.
Photo: Downtown skyline. The primary industries are tourism in the Black Hills and Ellsworth Air Force Base, with lots of B-1B bombers.
Photo: The view from the other side of the ridge.
Photo: What's that I see on the hilltop?
Photo: Rapid City's Dinosaur Park!
Photo: Off they go!
Photo: Anatotitan (formerly Trachodon). It's a duck-billed dinosaur that keeps changing its name. Its stance is a bit outdated.
Photo: Triceratops, the three-horned nemesis of the T-Rex
Photo: One of the easier dinos to climb on, as the paint bears witness
Photo: A few years ago, they tried to say there wasn't a Triceratops, but it was a juvenile Torosaurus. It turns out they were two different species.
Photo: Now Grant's in front.
Photo: Tyrannosaurus Rex, our favorite dinosaur.
Photo: The science of paleontology has changed a bit since they were built in 1936. And the little ones didn't mind one bit.
Photo: Old pictures showed it had more teeth and claw fingers
Photo: A patriotic Brontosaurus, oops, I mean Apatosaurus.
Photo: The dinosaurs are constructed with iron pipes, wire mesh, and a concrete skin.  Emmet Sullivan scuplted these fine specimens.
Photo: Yes, we know they didn't drag their tails in real life. But then they wouldn't have made such a fun playground.
Photo: The Brontosaurus towers at 28 feet tall and 80 feet long. Yes, I know it should be Apatosaurus, but it wasn't in the 1930s.