Badlands National Park
Aug 16, 2013Public
Photo: National Park #3: The Badlands of South Dakota.
Photo: The Badlands started right away. One moment we're driving through flat farmland, we pass the park entrance, and then wow!
Photo: View from the Big Badlands Overlook
Photo: I had forgotten how impressive the Badlands looked. We had previously visited the park during my family's trip across the country from New Jersey to California.
Photo: This Aloha shirt? From the Crazy 8 store at Rapid City's Rushmore Mall.
Photo: Badlands form in dry areas regions with soft sedimentary rocks and dry clay soils.
Photo: Intense rainstorms and wind cause massive erosion, which expose sedimentary layers
Photo: The areas are called Badlands, as its not useful for farming or transport. Even the Lakota Indians agreed, calling them "Makhóšiča" or Bad Land
Photo: While vegetation and animals are sparse, some animals are around. We thought we saw bats around these caves
Photo: Big Aloha Smile
Photo: Our Christmas card?
Photo: Big Badlands panorama
Photo: They seemed to go on forever
Photo: I liked how uniform the layers were on each slope, peak and butte
Photo: The layers also expose fossils. No dinosaurs, though, as this part was underwater during the Mesozoic Era.
Photo: It was extremely hot and sunny
Photo: Hey, stay on the trail!
Photo: Now they'll stay on the trail!
Photo: On the trail back to the car
Photo: Driving along the Badland Loop Road
Photo: The views from the road were extraordinary
Photo: Looks like that rock is balancing