Yellowstone Canyon & Mammoth Springs
Aug 29, 2013Public
Photo: The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Photo: Carved by the Yellowstone River, it's over 1,000 feet deep.
Photo: Now you know why it's called "Yellow"stone. The yellow tint of the canyon is caused by iron in the rock, not sulfur from the geysers.
Photo: Actually, the Hidatsa Indians named the river "Mi tse a-da-zi" (Yellow Rock River). They didn't live anywhere close to the canyon, but near sandstone cliffs along the lower Yellowstone River in Montana. So, the river was named before the park. See, if you click on all my pictures of the canyon and you'll learn fun trivia.
Photo: The overlook is called Artist Point
Photo: When I was younger, it was this view that I realized Yellowstone was a special place and I NEEDED to visit again.
Photo: I love my pictures of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
Photo: The Lower Falls of the Yellowstone are 308 feet high, twice as high as Niagara Falls
Photo: We were here as the sun rose into the canyon
Photo: The walls are pretty steep
Photo: We got there right as a Chinese tour bus arrived. While it did get rather crowded, they only stayed for a few moments. They took their snapshots and left.
Photo: Panorama of the canyon
Photo: Looking east from Artist Point
Photo: It's a long way down
Photo: The other side was hazy since the sun was so low.
Photo: The Yellowstone River flows all the way through Montana, joining the Missouri River. We drove along it near Billings.
Photo: Custer used the Yellowstone River to ferry his supplies on the ship "Far West". I doubt they went to this part.
Photo: Sun is getting higher, changing the colors. Unlike the bus tour from China, we lingered a bit.
Photo: Wearing our new souvenir t-shirts. Even I got some!
Photo: Another viewpoint along the trail