NEW: Hello Family, Goodbye Grandpa
Mar 13, 2014Public
Photo: We made it to Lincoln, Nebraska! All that flying and driving, and we've reached our destination.
Photo: Hello Grandma. We're going to have fun together, but first, let's read a story.
Photo: Hello Grandpa, can I help you?
Photo: It was a bittersweet trip, as my Grandpa Hubbard just passed away. He was an extraordinary man and we will miss him deeply.
Photo: The kids are really going to miss Great-Grandpa, too
Photo: Reflections of a long life with Grandma.
Photo: Getting ready for Grandpa Hubbard's funeral at Fox Funeral Home in Beatrice.
Photo: The funeral was excellent. I was honored to perform the eulogy, reflecting on this husband, father, grandfather, gardener, steelworker, and Husker fan. We brought the leis from Hawaii.
Photo: Anya drafted this letter for a school project. She knew Grandpa was very sick and looked forward to visiting to make him feel better. He died 4 days later. Grandma loved the letter so much that she asked Anya to read it during the funeral.
Photo: Afterwards, we joined the family at the St John Lutheran Church for the reception
Photo: Mama and Papa loved the food, especially the Pistachio Watergate salad. A welcome change from the rice and local food.
Photo: Great job on the reading, Anya! More people complimented her eulogy than mine.
Photo: Everyone in Beatrice welcomed Mama and Papa, and they felt right at home. Papa was close to Grandpa Hubbard during our wedding.
Photo: We know you miss him, Grandma, but we're coming over every day!
Photo: Grandma's home at Windcrest
Photo: It was a very nice-looking place
Photo: The kids liked to wander around the courtyard
Photo: The residents enjoyed watching Anya and Grant visit. We planned on dropping by their Great-Grandma every day, and happily, we did!
Photo: Selfie with a rather-Hawaiian hibiscus
Photo: The ducks knew to watch out for those two.
Photo: They've been at the home since they were hatched
Photo: The kids were never bored, even though we dropped by every day. They always found something to do.