Cody via the Big Horns
Aug 22, 2013Public
Photo: Heading toward Wyoming's Big Horn Mountains. I had saturate this picture a bit as I wanted the snow to show. Most of these mountain pictures are from Dulce's front seat. It was overcast, but no rain.
Photo: We revisited Sheridan from a couple weeks ago. It's pretty much the gateway town to the Big Horn Range. We stopped for lunch and to get info from the Welcome Center.
Photo: Getting info and maps on some park out west.
Photo: Sheridan and the Big Horn Mountains diorama in the Welcome Center
Photo: We've jumped off the freeway near Ranchester. showed a T-Rex Museum, but when we drove by, we noticed two small trailers made this "museum". We passed.
Photo: There's the Big Horn Mountains. The mountain range is two words, but the forest and river are one: Bighorn.
Photo: Bighorn National Forest, full of lodgepole pines
Photo: Lots of switchbacks as we climbed up the mountain. The pass was about nearly 5000 feet higher than the valley.
Photo: The fully-laden minivan didn't enjoy it, so we'd give it the occasional rest. Which gave us opportunities to look over the Sheridan Valley
Photo: I thought I wouldn't want this panorama, but now I like how the rail curves in the photo.
Photo: They call this the Fallen City
Photo: There were helpful geologic signs on the formations. The Ordovician Period was 450 million years ago.
Photo: We've made it over the top of Steamboat Point (7877 ft). The minivan thanks me.
Photo: Granite Pass at 9033 feet
Photo: Mighty machine, Grant!
Photo: It was a long driving day, but they were both very good. They enjoyed the scenery, as long as they got their Minecraft breaks.
Photo: Big Horn Scenic Byway drove by lots of meadows, we thought about stopping and letting the kids run around.
Photo: Copman's Tomb mountain
Photo: Cool rock formations
Photo: Shell Falls