NEW: Crazy Cornhuskers
Mar 13, 2014Public
Photo: Most of our tourist attractions were out west, so our time in eastern Nebraska was more relaxing with family and friends.
Photo: Which isn't to say we saw nothing. Here's some corn.
Photo: Lest you think eastern Nebraska's getting the short shrift, we did a lot of sightseeing in this region in 2011. Here's our last trip, including Lincoln, Omaha, Beatrice, and Nebraska City:
Photo: The Platte River bisects the state. Called "a mile wide and an inch deep", this braided river wasn't useful for boats. Nebraska got it's name for an Indian word "flat water".
Photo: One time, Dulce and I strolled across the river. It rarely got above our knees.
Photo: Linoma Park lighthouse on Highway 6 (more scenic than I-80). It's the midway point between LINcoln and OMAha. Looks like we got some thunderstorms ahead.
Photo: Now what is that confounded racket?
Photo: A surprise for Grant, who loves the Cars movies. We were originally planning on visiting a county fair, but there were none nearby. Then we came up this idea.
Photo: Eagle Raceway is a 1/3 mile dirt track.
Photo: It was Junior Fan Club day, so they got in free, plus got face painting.
Photo: The kids also got free Colby Ridge popcorn.
Photo: It was my first car race. Unless you count drag-racers on H-1.
Photo: Careful, don't let the mud splatter on you!
Photo: He asked me to shoot the checkered flag
Photo: It was a full house, the seating capacity is 7500.
Photo: Right smack dab in the middle of the country. Eagle is a small town about 15 miles outside Lincoln. Dulce and I have been here before for a town-wide garage sale day.
Photo: Lots of the cars were from surrounding communities.
Photo: They whip around at over 140 miles per hour. They do several laps, then the next race starts. More variety than taking Grant to a Nascar race or Indy 500.
Photo: Some races with the IMCA Modified. IMCA stands for International Motor Contest Association.
Photo: And there go the IMCA Stock Modified cars. I followed along in the program.
Photo: These are the cars Grant was looking foward to!
Photo: The IMCA Winged Sprint Cars
Photo: We got him a Hot Wheels "Dirty Outlaw" Sprint Car before our trip
Photo: One of Dad's pictures. Somehow, using his Nikon D3S with a 70-200, he was able to focus out the fence.