NEW: Lincoln, Nebraska
Mar 13, 2014Public
Photo: Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska, where my parents live. This was our destination, we just took the long way to get here.
Photo: I bet Mama and Papa never thought they'd find themselves in Lincoln, Nebraska, of all places.
Photo: Many of these pictures in this section are Mama & Papa's camera, so you'll see what interested them. I have many more pictures of Lincoln in my 2011 album.
Photo: There's another buffalo; I still haven't seen a real one.
Photo: In 1960s, the capitol was named by the American Institute of Architects as one of the seven "Architectural Wonders of the World"
Photo: Tourists in Lincoln?
Photo: We took a tour of the capital. Nebraska has a unicameral legislature, the only state with a single house.
Photo: The kids learned paleontology by running around the spirals.
Photo: Indian carved doors on the East Chambers door.
Photo: Going up top of the capitol. The building rises 362 feet above the prairie.
Photo: View of downtown Lincoln, with the UNL campus and stadium beyond.
Photo: Large railyard to the west.
Photo: Capitol Beach, with the St Louis Arch.
Photo: The new Pinnacle Bank Arena in the Haymarket. Holding 15,000, it's the new home of Nebraska's college basketball team.
Photo: Lincoln and the University from the capitol.
Photo: We saw lots of rolled hay bales during our road trip
Photo: Now we could see them up close. Very close, as in the field behind Grandma's house.
Photo: They woke up early to see it; they're still wearing their PJs.
Photo: The days were very hot; it was the middle of July.
Photo: Helping Grandpa water the lawn
Photo: Star City Shores Water Park in Lincoln