Devils Tower Natl Monument
Aug 21, 2013Public
Photo: Following I-90 past Black Hills towns like Sturgis and Spearfish. Monster truck tires, Grant?
Photo: We're back in Wyoming, and are we ever! We have lots to see and do in this state. It's more of a second road trip, than a mere route back to Spokane's airport.
Photo: We notice a bump in the distance. That doesn't look like flat eastern Wyoming
Photo: Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb.
Photo: Devils Tower National Monument. Geographic names often do not use apostrophes. Except Martha's Vineyard.
Photo: Panorama of the Missouri Buttes and Devils Tower
Photo: President Teddy Roosevelt declared Devils Tower the US's first National Monument in 1906. Bully for him!
Photo: "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" mothership re-enactment. Yes, there was an R2-D2 sculpted onto the bottom of the movie prop. Look it up.
Photo: Everyone now: "Re, Mi, Do, Do, So!" This was the monument featured in Spielberg's movie.
Photo: Red sandstone cliffs along the Belle Fourche River. The brochure features these prominently, as if to say "See, there's more to the park than the tower!"
Photo: We pulled off the road before the entrance gate. Again, due to Papa's Senior Pass, we didn't have to pay the fee.
Photo: It does rise dramatically from the landscape
Photo: The kids knew Devils Tower well, as they watched "Close Encounters". Additionally the Wyoming Guidebook had Devils Tower on every other pages. As if to say "We're more than Yellowstone"
Photo: This picture turned out really well. I should bring the kids back out? We'll have other shots of the tower, I'm sure.
Photo: I found Devils Tower to be a magnet for my camera.
Photo: On the way in, we passed by a large prairie dog town
Photo: These rodents burrow under the ground and create tunnels with rooms. Woe be to any horses that get their legs stuck down a hole.
Photo: Obviously, they aren't canines. They got the name from their call, which sounds like a dog bark. When Lewis and Clark first saw them, they called them "barking squirrels".
Photo: Do you mind? I'm eating.
Photo: Aww, so cute, said the ladies.
Photo: Devils Tower is about 1,267 feet (386 m) tall, and really stands out.
Photo: The sun hadn't completely risen over the tower, so we're going to hike around it until we got to the sunny side.