Deadwood Gulch
Aug 10, 2013Public
Photo: Entering our fifth state, South Dakota.
Photo: Stopping by the Welcome Center. We'd slow down a bit on the driving, spending two nights in the Black Hills area.
Photo: The Black Hills beckon
Photo: The weather started off a little gloomy. We were expecting rain at any moment. It's just something you can't plan for.
Photo: Very foggy, but trust us, there's mountains around here somewhere.
Photo: Then the clouds lifted, and there was Deadwood!
Photo: Deadwood was founded 1876 during the Black Hills Gold Rush
Photo: It still looks like an old Western town
Photo: Deadwood is one of those towns that is synonymous with the Old West, like Dodge City and Tombstone
Photo: They did some initial research on Cowboy and Indian relations before our trip.
Photo: We arrived just in time for a shoot-out on Main Street. Can't get more Wild West than that.
Photo: The sheriff called in some deputies
Photo: He had the children do a pledge "I, state your name", to which Anya & company repeated "I, state your name"
Photo: The deputies dispersed as the bad guys came into town
Photo: This town ain't big enough for the both of us.
Photo: Draw
Photo: Bang Bang
Photo: You done got me Jed
Photo: What a wonderful intro to Deadwood.
Photo: Time for dinner at Saloon No. 10, a famous place in Deadwood
Photo: Had a very western look, obviously.
Photo: I'd say this place has been around a while.