Mount Rushmore
Aug 11, 2013Public
Photo: We left Deadwood through the Black Hills National Forest
Photo: Driving by Deadwood's sister city of Lead (pronounced "Leed").
Photo: The Black Hills were considered sacred and were left to the Indians by the Treaty of Laramie. Then someone named Custer explored the area in 1874 and found gold.
Photo: This led to a major gold rush; and the army was unable to keep prospectors from coming and illegally founding towns like Deadwood and Lead.
Photo: The US offered to buy the Black Hills, but the Sioux Indians, led by Sitting Bull, refused to sell them.
Photo: The US became rather insistent and reassigned the Indians to other reservations. The ones that didn't want to go? See my section on "Custer's Last Stand"
Photo: They are called the Black Hills due to the dark Ponderosa Pines.
Photo: Cruising by Pactola Lake
Photo: Looks a little cloudy... could those be the thunderstorms my iPhone was forecasting all week long? I kept my fingers crossed, but had the umbrellas handy just in case
Photo: The Black Hills proved a very scenic drive.
Photo: I was imagining these roads filled with Harleys during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August
Photo: The hills are getting rockier
Photo: We're getting higher, and it appears there won't be any thunderstorms!
Photo: We turn a corner and a wonderful sight greets us!
Photo: The kids were screaming in the car when they saw the presidents. Naturally, we had gotten library books before the trip to prepare them.
Photo: Caught the flag in the picture. How patriotic of me.
Photo: National Park #3, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial (as if you needed the introduction).
Photo: Don't think we'll need the umbrellas
Photo: We didn't wait long to start taking pictures. This is only the walkway from the parking structure. Papa's National Park Senior Pass didn't help with the admission, like at the other parks. Because you're paying for parking, not admission, you see. Nice loophole.
Photo: See? I did go on this trip and am not only the guy behind the camera.
Photo: Very impressive faces, and on the mountain, too.