Museum of the Rockies
Aug 3, 2013Public
Photo: Our first main attraction: the Museum of the Rockies. The showcase of the Montana Dinosaur Trail, it's one of the largest paloentology collections in the country.
Photo: We got here around 2pm, a bit wary as the web site warned us the museum would close at 4pm for a Wine Party. When we asked at the desk, they said it was actually 5pm! Hooray for misprints.
Photo: "Big Mike" greets us. It's a bronze cast of MOR 555 or "Wankel Rex", the largest Tyrannosaurus ever found.
Photo: This T-Rex, found in Montana, is larger than "Sue" in the Field Museum and the T-Rex at the American Museum of Natural History. The original fossil was sent to the Smithsonian from the Museum of the Rockies in June. We just missed it!
Photo: Our future Christmas card?
Photo: Siebel Dinosaur Complex. The big T-Rex was being sent to Washington DC, there were still lots of dinosaur fossils to view.
Photo: Allosaurus, from the Jurassic Period. Despite the movie name, Tyrannosaurus was from the Cretaceous Period, nearly 60 million years later.
Photo: Why does that dinosaur have feathers?
Photo: Cool Paleozoic dioramas
Photo: The other half of this display showed the fossils.
Photo: See? Fossils.
Photo: Many Triceratops fossils were found in Montana, too.
Photo: Baby triceratops
Photo: The curator is James Horner, who served as Spielberg's consultant on "Jurassic Park"
Photo: Eggses
Photo: This museum, affiliated with the Smithsonian, has one of the largest fossil collections in the world.
Photo: All of these fossils were discovered in Montana.
Photo: Grant said this was Titanosaurus, from the Godzilla film "Terror of Mechagodzilla".