Nebraska Panhandle
Aug 20, 2013Public
Photo: Driving along I-80, heading west. There were thunderstorms in Lincoln as we left in the early morning. Would that storm on the left follow us?
Photo: By the time we passed York, about an hour away, the sky was starting to clear. I like the low cloud-snake on the right. It was lower than the other clouds.
Photo: The Great Platte River Road Archway, a westward trail museum built directly over I-80. Note the clear skies!
Photo: We decided to skip it, as the ticket price was pretty steep for the novelty of a small museum over a freeway.
Photo: Pit stop. Letting the kids stretch their legs a bit at a rest area near Kearney.
Photo: Front Street Steakhouse in Ogallala. Who wants lunch, besides peanut butter and jelly?
Photo: The Wild West town facade was very picturesque; Deadwood on a smaller scale.
Photo: Crystal Palace Saloon. My parents have a picture of a little boy on the stage getting a badge. Alas, the show is only in the evening, so they won't get to share in Daddy's experience.
Photo: Will I ever see a live one? We skipped Pioneers Park in Lincoln.
Photo: There was a small free museum attached, with Western Nebraska-themed exhibits
Photo: While waiting for our food, we wandered around
Photo: Anya yelled "Jackalope!" and demanded I take a picture. As if she needed to ask...
Photo: And then Grant yelled "Custer!" I'm so proud of how smart and observant they are; it shows they also learned from our trip.
Photo: Frontier toys
Photo: Grant wanted to play the "Circus Circus". I didn't tell him it was out of order.
Photo: They built some themed rooms inside to match the decor outside.
Photo: Inside the Tonsorial Palace, throwing pennies in the spittoon. And here I thought "Tonsorial" was dental.
Photo: The undertaker
Photo: That was a fun little museum, not bad for a restaurant