Driving through Montana
Aug 3, 2013Public
Photo: Off we go. Only 540 miles (870 km) to our evening's hotel in Billings, Montana.
Photo: And 1,484 miles (2388 km) to Lincoln, Nebraska. But we're in no hurry, lots to see and do on the way.
Photo: Idaho was our first state line after Spokane. I honked my horn after every line crossed. It's a big deal to me, as you can't do that in Hawaii.
Photo: There's our car
Photo: Lake Coeur d'Alene in Idaho. It means "Heart of the Awl". Awl, as in nail-punching-thing.
Photo: Lots of nice scenery on way. Most of these are Dulce shooting from the passenger side. Her Panasonic camera had a nice "glass-through" function.
Photo: Where are the potatoes?
Photo: We left Spokane early, so they slept in the car. Our kids missed Idaho.
Photo: Anya read the whole book "Godzilla Ate My Homework" by Marcia Brown, about a hamster named Godzilla. We thought it would last her the whole ride; she finished before we left Montana. She also read a Junie B Jones book.
Photo: Car dealership near Wallace, Idaho
Photo: Honk if you love Montana!
Photo: The road got more mountainous as we headed through the Rocky Mountains
Photo: Look who we're following
Photo: They call this Big Sky country
Photo: Driving by the Bitterroot Mountains
Photo: Missoula, Montana is our first stop, 3 hours later.
Photo: The University of Montana is located in Missoula.
Photo: Downtown Missoula
Photo: Nice-looking college town on Clark Fork
Photo: Dragon Hollow Playground, time for the kids to stretch their legs.
Photo: It was built by volunteers in the community in 2001.
Photo: There are three dragon heads, so Grant yelled "King Ghidorah"