Video Slideshows
Jun 5, 2014Public
Photo: Here are three slideshows of our trip, broken up in three roughly 10-minute segments. Upon playing them, you can click the square in the bottom-right to make it full-screen.
Video: VIDEO: Musical Slideshow of our six-state trip toward Nebraska. From Spokane to Lincoln, and many spots in between. Featured are Little Bighorn, Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills, the Badlands, and Wall Drug.
(9:36 minutes)
Video: VIDEO: Part II Slideshow of our road back from Nebraska, by way of Yellowstone National Park. Also includes Chimney Rock, Devils Tower, Bighorn Mountains, and the Cody Rodeo. 
(13:35 minutes)
Video: VIDEO: Our stay in Nebraska with the Grandparents. The kids each picked a song. (7:12 minutes)