Yellowstone's Old Faithful & Geyser Hill
Aug 29, 2013Public
Photo: Yes, we're in Yellowstone all right
Photo: We got to Old Faithful at 7:50am, before the crowds. We woke up very early in Cody and pretty much drove direct.
Photo: You could see steam from the other geysers in the Upper Geyser Basin
Photo: I've been here before with my family, but I didn't remember that steam was always flowing from Old Faithful.
Photo: Mama and Papa, who have traveled all over the world, said Yellowstone was one of their favorites.
Photo: No crowds at all. Later today, all those bleachers will be packed.
Photo: Terrific weather
Photo: The famous Old Faithful geyser
Photo: The kids called the small steam on the right "Baby Geyser"
Photo: The word "geyser" comes from the Icelandic word "geysa", meaning "to gush". The Norse got to name it first, as they saw them on Iceland before Wyoming.
Photo: Our Christmas Card?
Photo: Here is what my weather app forecast for the day. *Sigh*, you can plan for everything, but you can't control if rain will affect your outdoor day.
Photo: We don't see any rainclouds
Photo: In fact, the sky looks spectacular!
Photo: Old Faithful is predicted to erupt at 8:08am
Photo: The steam is stopping?
Photo: Uh-oh, something's happening
Photo: Getting bigger and bigger!
Photo: Papa was snapping photos, too. See how I credit him? I'll have to remind him to wipe the silica drops off his lens immediately after the eruption.