MSC Apex Modeler
Feb 26, 2014Public
Photo: Model has been imported into the application. MSC Apex supports geometry from common CAD packages.
Photo: MSC Apex is used to defeature holes between 2-10mm.
Photo: MSC Apex is used to extract mid-surfaces from a solid model.
Photo: MSC Apex is used to resolve free edges. Specifically, the interactive vertex/edge drag tools lets you click and drag edges or vertices into place.
Photo: MSC Apex is used to inspect the quality of the mesh.
Photo: MSC Apex is used to remove slivers with one click and drag of the mouse. Slivers are very problematic to resolve in traditional CAE platforms.
Photo: The sophisticated Model Browser is displayed on the left of the image. To the right, instructions on how to use a specific tool are shown.
Photo: The surface mesher options are displayed to the right of the image.
Photo: Workflow instructions are readily accessible for each tool in the application.
Photo: The Model Browser showcases the hiearchy of the geometry and mesh.
Photo: Example Model: After repairing (midsurfacing and closing free edges) and meshing.
Photo: Example Model: Before
Photo: Specify mesh definitions based on feature type and dimension.
Photo: Automatically create thickness and offsets definitions for multi-thickness surface models.
Photo: Identify and target features to remove based on feature type and dimensions.
Photo: Identify and cleanup problematic geometry spots including slivers, short edges, small faces, etc.
Photo: Make quick geometry changes with the MSC Apex Direct Modeling tools.
Photo: Regenerate meshes automatically with each use of direct modeling.
Photo: Automatically extend and stitch numerous surfaces.
Photo: A new incremental midsurface workflow allows you to interactively edit pairs that act as guides for automatic midsurface extraction and extension.
Photo: Additional midsurface extraction options are applicable to symmetric or asymmetric, planar or curved, and uniform or tapered cross sections.
Photo: Thickness and offset properties are automatically generated for both uniform and nonuniform sections common in injection molded plastics.