MSC Apex Structures
Mar 24, 2015Public
Photo: Before performing an analysis, an analysis readiness check is performed to ensure the model is free from issues that would prevent a successful analysis. In this example, a number of errors have been found and are listed in the Model Display Panel.
Photo: When a modification is made to the model, the associated properties are regenerated automatically. In this example, a solid geometry is translated rightward and its dependencies such as mesh, boundary conditions, and glue area are automatically updated.
Photo: If a part is deleted, its original definitions become broken and are marked in the Model Display Panel with red Xs. This gives the user the opportunity to remedy the broken definitions.
Photo: Glue contact is used to connect meshes that are incongruent. The resulting glue area is displayed in white and magenta colors.
Photo: A new part is integrated into the assembly and an incremental analysis is performed.
Photo: A new part design is imported from an MSC Nastran bulk data file (.bdf) and substituted into the assembly.
Photo: A deformation plot is reviewed and includes hot spot indicators showing maximum displacements.
Photo: Normal Modes are reviewed and are navigated using the frequency spectrum.