Cuzco and Machu Picchu
Apr 15, 2008Public
Photo: This is the central square of Cuzco, Peru. It is called Plaza de Armas. The multi-colored flag is the symbol of the city (no association with gay pride).
Photo: My hostel in Cuzco
Photo: Cuzco is nestled in the moutains. Hills like this one are everywhere, and huge pain because you are already at like 10,000 feet above sea level.
Photo: You can see the city sits among the mountains
Photo: Cuzco was originally the Inca capital, but in the 1500s it was settled by the spanish, and you can see their buildings everywhere. The church on the left is colonial Spanish.
Photo: A view from the balcony of an Inca temple which was later rebuilt as a church.
Photo: Those impressions in the grass are of a Puma, a Condor and a Serpent, the Inca gods of this world, the sky world and the underworld, respectively
Photo: The Incas were masters of stonework. On the left is an Inca wall, the right is a Spanish wall. The Incas carved their stones exactly, so they fit without mortar. The Spanish needed mortar to hold the bricks in place.
Photo: It rains a lot in Cuzco, but this was a beautiful day.
Photo: In Peru, there is a cinematic view around every bend.
Photo: We biked down the mountain for like 5 hours, covering 3000m of vertical elevation. Here we were on a nice road, but later it was an extremely rough dirt path
Photo: Here's most of the group. You can see some Brits, some Israelis, a guy from Switzerland and a girl from Norway
Photo: Me
Photo: When we biked through this small town, we stopped and met some very cute kids who played with us for a bit. They loved sunscreen!
Photo: This sign has my name
Photo: This is me on the bike
Photo: Rene (Swiss) with some parrots at the guesthouse of the first night
Photo: When we woke up the second day, it was raining jungle-style. Fortunately, we all had rain gear (Thanks Keith!).
Photo: Hiking in the jungle.
Photo: We stopped at a little hut where a native was selling fresh coffee from the fields for $0.20, or you could buy an imported American candy bar like a snickers for $2.50. Also, they had a monkey. The stuff on my face is from a plant that supposedly deters bug bites
Photo: Believe it or not, those beans are coffee beans. The come in those little green and red pods.
Photo: An Inca trail cutting across the mountainside