Cerro Santa Cristobal
Sep 17, 2012Public
Photo: We found a place that has 33 types of empanada filling! Yum! The 2 on the bottom right are dessert empanadas
Photo: These were super delicious and deep fried :) The powdered sugar one is dessert
Photo: This is near the zoo. We will have to check that out another day.
Photo: Map of the area where we hiked. We only did a small part of this.
Photo: What a beautiful view!
Photo: A quaint looking path up the mountain.
Photo: Beautiful flowers
Photo: The virgin at the top of the mountain
Photo: We asked a chilean to take a shot of us
Photo: These are racks where you can put a candle. Lots of melted wax!
Photo: There are signs saying "Silencio" but people weren't really following them
Photo: We couldn't get close, but I think this is the bible. Either that or the Da Vinci Code
Photo: You can really see the whole city from here. It's huge!
Photo: The mountains are always in the backdrop of the city, if the weather is clear.
Photo: Whew, we made it to the top!
Photo: Not the best photo, but you can see the mountains here
Photo: This is a great shot of the whole city
Photo: On our way home, we biked past this fountain
Photo: Pickles and olives come in a bag here!