2011 Walking From Hell to Sweden, 7 days in September
Sep 11, 2011Public
Photo: After 7 days of walking in the Norwegian wildernes, in very wet conditions, my faithful boots barely made it. The sole on the left boot almost fell off. But in 8 years of heavy use, summer and winter, they never gave me blisters.
Photo: Lots of lemmings this fall, many dead and many very much alive.
Photo: The red dot indicates the path
Photo: Wet wet wet. And I realise that my old boots are leaking ..
Photo: Day 1
Photo: Lots of dead lemmings all over the place
Photo: Day 1
Photo: Half way on day 1
Photo: An old dam used to control the flow of water when transporting the lumber down to the sawmill
Photo: Day 2
Photo: Day 2
Photo: He was very angry
Photo: Day 2
Photo: Day 2
Photo: Day 2. Selbu lake in the distance
Photo: Day 2
Photo: Reaching the Prestøyhytta cabin where I stayed for the second night.
Photo: Day 3, The bridge over Øyelva river
Photo: Day 3, Høystakktjønna
Photo: Day 3
Photo: Day 3, passing Solemsknipen
Photo: Day 3, Solemsknipen
Photo: Day 3, Schulzhytta cabin in the distance
Photo: Day 3, signpost not far from Schulzhytta cabin