2011 Galdhøpiggen, Norway
Aug 16, 2011Public
Photo: Juvasshytta, 1.841 meters asl
Photo: Heading for the top
Photo: Eli into the mist
Photo: I'm prepared for anything ...
Photo: Forming a rope-team to cross the "Styggbreen" (the Ugly Glacier)
Photo: Crossing the Glacier
Photo: Along the ridge to the top (covered in fog)
Photo: The Sætnan/Webster Family
Galdhøpiggen, 2.469 meters asl, 
highest mountain in northern Europe
Photo: Crossing the "Ugly Glacier" heading back to Juvasshytta
Photo: Frosty in the morning
Photo: The next day it was sunny and we hould see the peak, 
the third "hump" from the left
Photo: Looking north from Juvasshytta
Photo: Spot the tit ...
Photo: Is this Glittertind ?