Springfield Lake 2009
Oct 27, 2009Public
Photo: ORCC founders displayed their Tentrax and Jeep for camping options.  A couple of other pop-up tents on wheels were also on display at the Festival.
Photo: Some volunteers with the Missouri Conservation Department had this cute little owl and another owl on display.  I don't remember the name of this owl tho.
Photo: A barn owl (endangered) on display with the Mo Conservation Dept.  Owls fly totally silent — because even their feathers are hollow inside.
Photo: An area was provided for various herding dogs to exhibit their expertise at moving these ducks wherever instructed by the handler.
Photo: The inside of a large tent used by one of the "mountainmen" at the Festival.
Photo: Looking up from the center of an actual tee pee.  The 'engineering" involved in the design is ingenious.  I was surprised at the size of the poles holding up the tee pee.
Photo: Watching through the trailer window, two young bucks were grazing along and then suddenly noticed another young buck approaching from across the open area.  Here, the three 'youngsters' meet up & wonder off into the woods.
Photo: Our camp site (in the grass) on a very frosty Sunday morning.
Photo: Saturday evening, I discovered this perfect Monarch butterfly.  Amazingly, it was still around Sunday morning.  I gently picked it up to park it in the sunshine, but it was already warm enough to fly off to a near by tree.  Hope it made it to Mexico!
Photo: The amount of frost on the ground surprised me Sunday morning.
Photo: This is not the greatest of photos due to the flair from looking into the sun at the lake way down the hill but the frosty morning was rather dreamily hazy.
Photo: The best Fall foliage had not occurred yet in Springfield, but this tree about half way back to Kansas City was perfect!