Big Bend-Spring 2006
Jul 5, 2010Public
Photo: The first day I took a long day-hike by myself, up Pinnacles Trail and over into Boot Canyon, where this landmark greets you from a point on the trail.
Photo: The tree I was trying to find is located below Boot Rock, just before the creek tumbles over a steep drop into Juniper Canyon.
Photo: Chief Ranger Jim Liles measured our state champion Arizona Cypress in 1982 and his photos made it easy to find...
Photo: ...some 25 years later. The hike down the creek from the BC3 campsite was difficult, but worth it!
Photo: View of the cypress from the creekbed. After hiking back out, I headed to Boot Spring for a look at another species unique to Big Bend.
Photo: Near the spring, I found the tree Oscar told me about: the very rare Lateleaf Oak (Quercus tardifolia). If recognized by American Forests, it will be the new national champion for its species!
Photo: The species has only been recorded in the U.S. here in upper Boot Canyon, in one or two locations. This one was suffering from the drought.
Photo: After an aborted trip in December 2005 to find Lower Juniper Spring, I was eager to get back to Big Bend and search for the long-lost Drooping Juniper champ. When the chance came in March 2006, Oscar and I hiked up Lower Juniper Wash, making it a longer-but-easier hike.
Photo: The tree we were trying to find was discovered by Chief Ranger Jim Liles in '82, somewhere above the spring.
Photo: We passed the spring and thought we had found our tree laying across the wash -- dead -- but went a few hundred feet further to find our prize!
Photo: Oscar loves trees!