Big Bend-Fall 2006
Jul 6, 2010Public
Photo: On the drive west along Hwy. 90, at the picnic area just east of the Pecos River, where the Pecos empties into the Rio Grande.
Photo: Looking upstream at the highway bridge over the Pecos River.
Photo: Virga -- rain that doesn't hit the ground -- against the fading light.
Photo: It's hard to believe that West Texas has seen more rain than the rest of the state this year!
Photo: Casa Grande is one of the dominant features of the high Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park. This hike takes us to the top in search of a possible champion Drooping Juniper!
Photo: We started from the Lost Mine trailhead, located on the main road to The Basin, at Panther Pass.
Photo: Oscar points the way!
Photo: We were told to take the Lost Mine trail to the first pass, then turn up the ridge toward Casa Grande.
Photo: The first pass looks down into Juniper Canyon, with the South Rim in the upper right of the photo.
Photo: The left edge of Juniper Canyon is dominated by Crown Mountain.
Photo: This is where things get really interesting....
Photo: Climbing #1.
Photo: Climbing #2.
Photo: Climbing #3.
Photo: Climbing #4.
Photo: Looking back down at the spine we've been climbing and the Lost Mine trail in the distance.
Photo: Catchfly: Oscar says it smells bad so I took his word for it.
Photo: Getting closer....
Photo: Another view from the trail.
Photo: Higher and higher.
Photo: Pete catches up.
Photo: We reached a spot on the trail that made us both stop and look around. Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Chisos oak (Quercus graciliformis) all around us!
Photo: Salvia leptophylla: one of several different salvias we saw on the climb.
Photo: This section of "trail" is just a conveyor belt of moving rocks we scrambled up.