RiderScan Casing Designs
Apr 26, 2013Public
Photo: Front side of the scanner, I want it to be as small as possible so that it's easy to hold in the hand. I'll round-off the square edges and switch to flat-embedded LEDs for production.
Photo: Back side of the RFID scanner. I'm going to put white LEDs behind the flower on both sides, and make it light-up when a tag is detected. I used MakerBot Industries Florescent Red and Glow-in-the-dark White for this dual-extrusion model, printed on a MakerBot Replicator 1.
Photo: Shots of the front-cover pulled off to show how snugly the case holds Adafruit's RFID breakout board. I included 4 1/16" peddistals with holds so that you can screw it down, but it really doesn't need it - the case holds the board in without it.
Photo: Inside of the back cover, wires and LEDs still un-soldered. I left it like this as I plan to change the LEDs and lighting already, this was the first printing / prototype!
Photo: My +Makerbot Industries Replicator 1, dutifully printing the first prototype front-panel of the actual RiderScan unit that the RFID board will attach to. I love my Replicator!
Photo: My blender model of the front-panel, designed to hold Six of Adafruit's waterproof buttons, an Adafruit ST7565 RGB LCD panel and 3 LEDs.
Photo: First test of the RiderScan Front Panel from behind showing the different components secured into place.
Photo: The first test front-panel for RiderScan - all components fit good! But I think I'll move the power button further away.