SDBC San Diego Airport Button Display
Jan 19, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: the four cases for our button display
Photo: Rack with button information and contacts for the SDBC, CSBS & NBS
Photo: The "East" themed case
Photo: close-ups from the"East" theme case
Photo: close up of the garment in the "East" case.  Tobacco pouch and Kagamibuta Neutske
Photo: Cinnabar, ivory and 'modern cinnabar"
Photo: Arts & Crafts buttons
Photo: China - ivory (top row_
Jade in the middle
Cinnabar, Ivory, Modern "cinnabar" bottom row
Photo: Art Deco - period case
Photo: Victorian Case - Enamels, Black Glass, A large Charmstring with Victorian correspondence, gloves with glove buttons
Photo: Gay 90's & Gay 90's type, DUGS, Arts & Crafts, Silver
Photo: Buckles, button Books, Arts & Crafts, Enamels, Glass, Case of bakelite buttons
Photo: Buckles, Art Deco glass buttons, books, etc.
Photo: Buckles and Shoe clips close up
Photo: DUGS, Gay 90's & Gay 90's type, loop for looking at buttons
Photo: close up of buckle and Gay 90's case
Photo: close up of enamels
Photo: Gay 90's, DUGS, Arts & Crafts, enamels
Photo: Victorian Case
Photo: Close up of Victorian case
Photo: East - Shakudo, Bone, Ivory, Nut, Wood
Photo: East close up
Photo: East Close Up, enamels (cloisonné), Chinese modern buttons,
Photo: "West" - native American clothing with silver & turquoise jewelry and other buttons from the "West"