3-14-16 Family Night
Mar 18, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Past Potentates walk in
Photo: Potentate Lary Clark
Photo: Jim Oliver opens with a prayer
Photo: The Chanters
Photo: The Divan present
Photo: Honorary Shrine member, Vince Gray
Photo: Congratulations!
Photo: About to receive their Jewel of El Jebel (1st pin---500 points)  ????,  Randy Harrison, Jeremy Kmett, & ????
Photo: Jewell of Honor Ribbon - Fred Aring
Photo: Silver Ribbon - John Harris
Photo: Tony Dattilo presents a check, and talks about the Pipe Band
Photo: Silver Ribbon - Rodger Peabody
Photo: Ron Dunsmore about to get his Platinum 1 award
Photo: Ron Dunsmore gets his Platinum 1 award, as Patient Patty plants one on him
Photo: Jim Oliver congratulates Ron, as Loren moves on
Photo: Tony says "Hi!", or "Goodbye!"
Photo: Rich Silver talks about the Circus and Sortsmen's Raffle
Photo: Ron Williamson gives a report on the recent IHOP Day (and has good numbers!)
Photo: Bill Schwartz gives an update on the new building
Photo: Past Potentate Mike Trevathan talks about "The Who" concert  (still need people!)