2-20-16 Pote's Ball snapshots
Feb 23, 2016Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: The photography set-up
Photo: Jim on the computer all night; John hauled equipment in & out
Photo: Karen, John & Fred cut papeer  ("How many Shriners does it take...")
Photo: The photography set-up
Photo: The band racticing before
Photo: Tuning up
Photo: Judy & Greg check them in
Photo: Tracy, Jim, Karen Diane, & Fred inside photography booth
Photo: Tracy, Jim, Judy, Fred, Diane, & Karen:  Potography team
Photo: Appetizers served before dinner
Photo: Eckleys brought the chuck wagon (in pieces)
Photo: Bobby MC's
Photo: Bobby reads visitors' names
Photo: Divan members called off
Photo: And the Divan stands
Photo: Potentate Larry & his Lady ,Carol, are introduced
Photo: Jim Oliver reads the Cowboys' Reincarnation poem