Kibaale Childrens Centre 2009
Apr 19, 2009Public
Photo: The big building looks much better with new paint.
Photo: A large bat hanging around in the big building.
Photo: Some patients come from far away and hire a boda-boda motorbike to get to the clinic.
Photo: Front of the clinic.
Photo: The lovely garden around the clinic.
Photo: The gardens have improved a lot since we have assigned a specific maintainer to each building. They compete for the best garden award.
Photo: Building for health education, next to the clinic.
Photo: Patients register for treatment
Photo: Inner garden in the clinic.  Gives it a very pleasant atmosphere.
Photo: The clinic does rainwater harvesting. The water is then pumped to the higher tank so that there is running water in every room.
Photo: A patient on drip.  This is often used for malaria patients to give them back strength.
Photo: What's dripping.
Photo: Each patient has their own bottle.
Photo: I take a picture like this every time I visit Kibaale.
Photo: Drugs are handed out at a flat fee.
Photo: Patients waiting for the laboratory.
Photo: Taking a drop of blood from a young child to do a malaria test.
Photo: The lab technician inspects a blood sample.
Photo: Apparatus for blood tests.
Photo: Centrifuge used for blood tests.
Photo: Nurse talking to a patient in a consultation room.
Photo: treatment room.  The furniture is very basic.
Photo: Running water in every room.
Photo: Standard equipment for treatment.