Tragopan Pheasantry Peer
Dec 25, 2010Public
Photo: foundation works completed to start erecting the pens for the pheasants
Photo: same shot but only 2 months later
Photo: foundations works completed with flat surface to built the indoors upon and green area for constructing the outdoor pens
Photo: 2mx2m frames connected by screws for each indoor unit
Photo: all indoor pens are connected in one line with one corridor in the back
Photo: frontal view of one series of indoor pens not completed
Photo: frontal view of same indoor aviaries under construction
Photo: steanless steel frames of 2mx2m are the basic elements for each indoor and outdoor aviary
Photo: aerial phetophaph of same aviary system consisting of indoor and outdoor units, all connected with one and an other, with corridors in front and in the back
Photo: entry to the pheasantry. in the middle entry with internal look at the outdoor aviaries. right ; view of indoor system with corridor at the backside of each aviary
Photo: one corridor in front of each aviary for easy servicing and maintenance
Photo: central open air  and triangle system for servicing and maintenance. privacy control for the pheasants in each sing pen
Photo: view in one outdoor aviary, 2mwide x10mlong and 2m heigh
Photo: aerial photograph of same pheasantry. all aviaries are connected with one and an other. there is a corridor in front and in the back of each single aviary for easy maintenance and servicing
Photo: and other aerial photograph taken in 2007 from the same pheasantry