New nursery unit for exotic pheasants and tragopans
Oct 10, 2010Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Frontal view of one nursery unit with 4 compartments for raising young galliforms during the first 3 weeks of life. The nursery unit is a battery system with 4 on top compartments.
Photo: Lateral view of one complete nursery unit existing of 4 on top compartments and having the electric devices installed on the right side.
Photo: An other view from the first nursery box with sliding plastic white plate between two separate sections.
Photo: Frontal view of nursery unit with sliding plastic plate in the middle and one metal frame in the second section for fresh air and easy maintenance.
Photo: Frontal view of one nursery compartment ; right side is for the 1st week and left side is to expand the size at the beginning of the 2nd week.
Photo: Same nursery compartment with closed frontal panel ; right section is thermoregulated and with plexi glass. The left section is without thermoregulation and only with a metal frame.
Photo: Frontal view of nursery box with wheels for easy transport and cleaning
Photo: indoor view in one nursery box ; one electricity bulb for light and one sensor for temperature control