violet and purple peafowls cb2014 and 2015
Nov 4, 2015Public
Photo: 4 youngsters violet peafowls cb2015
Photo: Close up of young male violet peacock cb2015
Photo: Violet is a mutant of the blue color in pavo cristatus. Violet peafowls have only been recently established through fareful selection of the genemutation of blue into violet pigment.
Photo: 4 young violet peafowls in quarantine.
Photo: Young polyplectrons in quarantine
Photo: Group of young violet peafowls
Photo: Taking bloadsamples to prepare healthcertificate and other export docs
Photo: An other pair purple peacocks cb2014 in outdoor run
Photo: Purple male cb2014
Photo: Purple male dorsal view
Photo: Close up of male purple peafowl at the tragopan pheasantry belgium
Photo: Purple peafowls young pair and ready for export
Photo: Semi adult pair purple peafowls cb2014
Photo: Puple peacocks cb2014
Photo: 2 pairs youngster violet peafowls cb2015 - Francy Hermans, Tragopan Pheasantry, Belgium
Photo: 2 young pairs violet peafowls cb2015 - Francy Hermans, Belgium - dorsal view
Photo: detail photograph of young male violet peacock with 3 other youngsters (2 females and an other young male) - all 4 specimens do carry the gen-mutation for violet pigmentation (through gene-mutation) - source Francy Hermans, Belgium
Photo: violet peafowl male
Photo: frontale view of acuut malen violet peafowl