Bill and Janice's Log Home
Dec 21, 2009Public
Photo: Here is a picture of our dog overlooking the bay where we are building our log cabin.
Photo: The first thing we did after buying our property was to build a small sleeping cabin so that we had place to hang our hat while building the main place.
Photo: We also built a treefort for the kids.
Photo: Then we started to clear the main site for the log cabin.
Photo: Family and friends helped dig the foundations by hand
Photo: The ground was full of large rocks and stumps that had to be moved with the help of some husky friends.
Photo: The logs were cut in January 1994, 18 months before delivery so that they would dry properly. The logs were so heavy that it took a special truck with a float bed to deliver them.
Photo: As we only have water access we had to dig all the foundations by hand and haul over all the sand, gravel and cement on a barge shovel by shovel! In fact every bit of sand, gravel and cement that went into the foundations had to be moved up to 7 times with a shovel! At the time, this small detail was unknown to these happy workers!
Photo: It took us 2 years to dig the hole for the foundation and pour the footings and basement walls.
Photo: After finishing the foundation Liza and Katie help us put in the summer beam
Photo: And finally, in the fall of 1994 the subfloor went in
Photo: In February 1995 I arranged for a local farmer to haul the logs across the ice with a team of horses. It was quite the event with almost 20 helpers and on-lookers.
Photo: It was an impressive sight to see, just like the old photographs of the pioneering days.
Photo: The horses were a team of Belgium's and were amazing how effortlessly they hauled those logs across the ice and up the hill.
Photo: I strung up cables between the trees and used a chain block and raw muscle power to move the logs
Photo: Some of the logs weigh as much as 800 pounds (360 Kilos), but they went up effortlessly with the block and tackle.
Photo: Within 3 weekends we had got the log walls up over 10 feet high
Photo: It got harder and harder to maneuver the logs as the walls got higher.
Photo: Here is an interior shot from the living room looking into the kitchen. Eventually there will be a fireplace in the middle.
Photo: Here is the front view of the log work. Eventually there will be a deck here overlooking the lake.
Photo: Notching in the floor beams, standing on a slippery log with a chainsaw. Safety always comes first!
Photo: Framing the roof.
Photo: Dave and I sheathing the roof.