Ti Ti Tábor 2008
Sep 10, 2008Public
Photo: Erika and Richard
Photo: Erika and Richard, again
Photo: Tímea, Zoltán, and Erika
Photo: Richard in his hoodie
Photo: Joe basks in the last rays of sun
Photo: Shea and Donald
Photo: Cabin Canada!
Photo: Laci and Erika
Photo: Erika
Photo: Baby in a Box!
Greg and Timea
Photo: Karen and Laci
Photo: Bea and Timea
Photo: Kids at play
Photo: More kids at play
Photo: Lizzy notices me taking the picture!
Photo: Pat
Photo: Dance teachers watching...
Photo: Musicians at work
Photo: Kitty and Karl
Photo: Zoli and Wayne, in the field
Photo: Puzzlers at work
Photo: Root beer "flats" anyone?
Photo: Hazel enjoying her root beer "flat"