Malagasy Ministry in Brussels, Belgium
Sep 2, 2011Public
Photo: Acolytes and ushers prepare the communion before the service.
Photo: The altar, pre-service.
Photo: Pastor Edmond Raharijaonarivelo and Pastor Matthias Tepper. Raharijaonarivelo is the President of the district of Paris and in the founding committee of the Malagasy Lutheran Church of Brussels. Tepper is a LCMS Alliance Missionary, serving in Belgium through a partnership between the LCMS and the Independent Evangelical - Lutheran Church (SELK) in Germany.
Photo: Gijsbertus van Hattem, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Belgium (ELKB) president, Rev. Brent Smith, regional director of Eurasia, LCMS International, Pastor Tepper and Pastor Raharijaonarivelo discuss the service.
Photo: Pastor Matthias Tepper greets congregation members.
Photo: Welcome to the service in Malagasy, French, English and Dutch.
Photo: Fara Rakotomavo, ministry of the shepherd, shares the history of the Malagasy Lutheran Church of Brussels.
Photo: The Scripture readings were read in Malagasy, with English and French translations on the screen.
Photo: Members sing traditional church hymns in their own language, Malagasy.
Photo: Pastor Tepper during the service.
Photo: Pastor van Hattem and Rev. Smith listen to the service in Malagasy and French.
Photo: Founding members of the Malagasy Lutheran Church of Brussels are recognized.
Photo: Pastor van Hattem delivers a welcome message to the new congregation.
Photo: Pastor Tepper welcomes the new congregation.
Photo: Rev. Smith shares the LCMS 'Pray for Us' calendar from August 2011, which asked for prayers for Madagascar, home of the Malagasy people.
Photo: The Malagasy Lutheran Church of Brussels inaugural service on August 28.
Photo: Malagasy church members receive communion.