LWML Team Cambodia
May 27, 2008Public
Photo: Workers at Tabitha, a Non-Governmental Organization that provides widows and orphans with jobs.
Photo: Memorial at "The Killing Fields"
Photo: Note left from a Cambodian at the memorial
Photo: Angkor Watt
Photo: Team member and workshop participants at the ocean for the first time
Photo: The team and Cambodian women at the beach (a first time experience for many of these women)
Photo: Missionary and Cambodian staff member working in the LCMS mulching pit
Photo: LCMS mulching pit
Photo: Missionary and team member in LCMS office
Photo: Cambodian child
Photo: Girls on a canoe
Photo: Splashing in the ocean!
Photo: Mama and baby at the ocean for the first time
Photo: Having fun at the ocean!
Photo: Prayer during the workshop
Photo: posing for pictures at the beach
Photo: Our translator posing with a Cambodian participant
Photo: Kymer New Testament
Photo: Women in a tuk tuk
Photo: sorting donated thread
Photo: Our youngest participant
Photo: Mary and Martha skit performed first by tbe team, and then by the Cambodian women