Sparklers Projects_India Schools
Jun 10, 2008Public
Photo: Photo of a little school girl taken by Pastor Rob Goodwin in 2007 when he went on a short-term mission trip with Dr. Raj of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis.
Photo: 10th grade of Concordia High School in Pernambut, Tamil Nadu, S. India—this photo was taken by Cornelius Thivagaran, B. SC., M.Ed. (headmaster of Concordia High School).
Photo: Panoramic view of Concordia, Pernambut IELC India
This structure was built by Rev. Ed Bertram, Sr. 60 years ago. Still the main source of class rooms.
Photo: Photo of a little school boy from India, taken by Rev. Rob Goodwin when on a short-term mission trip in 2007.
Photo: Class of children in front of the foundation for a new school.
Photo: Indian school in need of repair
Photo: School building project
Photo: India children, photo taken by Herb Hoeffer
Photo: Students of the Thabithal Lutheran Girls Home