Nov 10, 2007Public
Photo: Courzieu / Biternay: one part of the Brevenne Roman aqueduct of Lyon (F)
Photo: Bottom of the Brevenne aqueduct with Opus Signinum and quaterrounds
Photo: Aqueduct channel including the bottom and foundation
Photo: Setling basin the the Brevenne aqueduct of Lyon (F)
Photo: Setling basin in the Brevenne aqueduct
Photo: Mortar of the Brevenne aqueduct of Lyon (F)
Photo: Tassin-la-Demi (near Lyon): the header tank of the siphon called Les Massues
Photo: Ramp for (9) lead pipes of the Les Massues header tank tower of the siphon
Photo: Pont des Planches: one of the 35 pillars of the venter bridge of the siphon in the Brevenne aqueduct near Lyon-Ecully