Rotary Club Photos From The Past, which includes the early leaders who started this Club, and the Articles of Incorporation
Aug 6, 2008Public
Photo: A Photo From The Past - Bill Ottinger - Golf Tournament - John Brim took the photograph which appeared in the Sunday, February 9, 1992 edition of The Volusian newspaper
Photo: President Milt Lindsley, and Ed Cote
Photo: Chuck William, Charlie Butler, President Milt Lindsley - November 1, 1973
Photo: Rev. Lesley Deinstadt
Photo: H. S. “Robbie” Robertson - President 1986-1987
Photo: Eugene G. Gerard - President 1991-1992
Photo: Michael Lonk - President 1996-1997
Photo: Dr. Ernie Torres - 1985-1986 Best Rotary Project
Photo: Dr. Ernie Torres, Dennis Stark, Ed Dinkins
Photo: President John Boyce, Michael Oliva, Frank Pryatel
Photo: Vince Accardi, David Kent, Frank Pryatel, Frank Knight - March 1992
Photo: Frank Knight, Bill Parker, Gary Wright, President Eugene Gerard, President-Elect Frank Pryatel, Joe Mongolier - June 26, 1991
Photo: Frank Pryatel - September 25, 1982
Photo: Milt Lindsley
Photo: Paul Harris Fellows:  Lillian Pryatel, Emily Telfair, Virginia Robertson - The Volusian, Saturday, September 16, 1995
Photo: John Boyce, Esther Carpenter, John Carpenter, Jeff Hoblick, Sherwood Weisman, Frank Pryatel - Sunday, November 25, 1990
Photo: Milt Lindsley, Charlie Augliera, Ashton Almand
Photo: Ed Cote
Photo: Frank Pryatel
Photo: Vice-President Frank Knight, Deltona Fire Chief Mike Holland, President Joe Mongolier - December 3, 1992
Photo: Milt Lindsley
Photo: President Milt Lindsley, Charlie Augliera, Ashton Almand - Thursday, June 28, 1973 DeBary-Deltona Enterprise
Photo: President Bill Bierlin, Charlie Augliera, Ward Bond, Larry Peiper
Photo: Frank Pryatel, Bill Ottinger, Bob Telfair, John Brim, Jack Duncan, James McGinnis, Milt Lindsey - Four Way Test Program at Deltona Junior High School - June 25, 1983