Rotary Club Golf Tournaments (starting in 2009)
Apr 18, 2009Public
Photo: 17th Hole-In-One Spotter David
Photo: Darren and friends - 2009
Photo: Darren
Photo: 17th Hole
Photo: Frank Dragoun - 2009
Photo: Frank
Photo: Blaine
Photo: Bob, Ron
Photo: John Brim
Photo: Chet
Photo: Attention! - Great job Dennis Micare!
Photo: Dennis Micare's group: Peter, Warren, Steve
Photo: Vice-President Bill Ottinger - April 19, 2009
Photo: Allison, Adley, and Grandpa Bill - April 18, 2009 at DeBary Golf and Country Club
Photo: Ginger, Alison, Adley, Bill
Photo: A Great Event - April 18, 2009
Photo: A Dynamic Group of Fellows
Photo: Gill Wilson, Bob Benedict, John Meade, Ron Latow after the Tournament - April 18, 2009
Photo: Picking a ticket for the Raffle
Photo: Blaine and Dennis
Photo: President Elect Blaine, and President Elect-Elect Dennis - April 18, 2009 - Past and Present Tournament Chairmen
Photo: Blaine and Dennis
Photo: The man who put the tournament together - A Job Well Done - April 18, 2009