May 19, 2012Public
Photo: Twins Tower as seen from the summit of North Twin.
Photo: Descending North Twin.
Photo: The intimidating Twins Tower.
Photo: Twins Tower.
Photo: At the col between North Twin and Twins Tower.
Photo: Resting at the col.
Photo: Starting up the ridge.
Photo: TJ`s group having a break at the col.
Photo: Climbing up.
Photo: The view from the col.
Photo: The tiny West Twin.
Photo: Looking up the snow arete.
Photo: Lovely spot for a break, isn`t it?
Photo: This is me topping out on the summit of Twins Tower with TJ below me.
Photo: TJ`s group make their way down.
Photo: The summit of Twins Tower.
Photo: The view to the south includes all the usual suspects - The Twins, Columbia and King Edward.
Photo: The view to the southwest.
Photo: The Athabasca Valley.
Photo: The corniced ridge of Twins Tower.
Photo: The view to the north.
Photo: Mt. Stutfield.
Photo: Terrific glacier scenery!