May 19, 2012Public
Photo: The early morning sun lights up Mt. Athabasca.
Photo: The highway to the Columbia Icefield.
Photo: The heavily crevassed Athabasca glacier.
Photo: Almost at the top of the headwall.
Photo: Taking a break.
Photo: Mt. Columbia is still socked in.
Photo: After several hours of slogging we reached the northern end of the icefield.
Photo: Mt. Stutfield.
Photo: Our camp.  TJ`s camp is visible on the right.
Photo: Terrific view from the saddle.
Photo: TJ and Vern start the ascent of North Twin.
Photo: TJ`s group on the way up the North Twin.
Photo: Looking east toward Mt. Brazeau.
Photo: The final summit ridge of North Twin.
Photo: Celebration!
Photo: South Twin, West Twin and Mt. Columbia.
Photo: South Twin and Mt. Columbia.
Photo: You better know where you`re going on the Columbia Icefield or else you may find yourself skiing over the edge and plunging into the lovely Columbia Lake.
Photo: Jay and Adam on the summit of North Twin.
Photo: The view to the west includes the Clemenceau Icefield.
Photo: Athabasca Valley, Twins Tower and Mt. Alberta.