Jul 4, 2012Public
Photo: Mountain biking and peakbagging - a great combination!
Photo: The first waterfall you see in the valley.
Photo: It`s a long way from your car.
Photo: Avalanche debris covered the trail.
Photo: Warning: Tremors live here!
Photo: Victoria Ridge.
Photo: Mt. Windsor and Castle Peak.
Photo: Castle Peak.
Photo: The colorful ridge and Victoria Peak.
Photo: Mt. Scarpe.
Photo: The view to the west.
Photo: The Flathead range.  Mt. Darrah is visible on the far right.
Photo: Victoria Peak.
Photo: The summit is a short walk away.
Photo: This ridge is easy with one difficult 5.9 step.
Photo: The summit.
Photo: Panorama.
Photo: Panorama.
Photo: Panorama.
Photo: The multicolored scree on Pincher Ridge.
Photo: UFO has landed here.
Photo: Mt. Haig.
Photo: Drywood and Loaf Mtn.
Photo: The prairies to the east.