General Morocco
Jul 7, 2009Public
Photo: Where to go from Casablanca
Photo: Art deco architecture in Casablanca at the post office
Photo: Mosque at night in Casablanca out my hotel window
Photo: Grand Mosque, Casablanca
Photo: Grand Mosque, Casablanca
Photo: Ablutions room at Grand Mosque
Photo: Moulay Ismail Mausoleum, Meknes
Photo: Typical alleyway in a Moroccan city.
Photo: Olive stand in the souk, Fes
Photo: Roman ruins and mosaic tile, Volubilis
Photo: Donkey rider at ruins, Volubilis
Photo: Olive grove
Photo: Ceramic oven with loads of pottery, Fes
Photo: Ceramic handcrafters, Fes
Photo: Bronze handicrafts, Fes souk
Photo: Fes
Photo: Foundouk, Fes
A foundouk is a sort of inn where travelers used to stay.  The interior is a square courtyard where they could leave their animals.  Handicrafters now use them.
Photo: Traffic jam in souk, Fes
Animals pretty much do all the deliveries in the souks because they are tiny alleyways.
Photo: Fes
Photo: Medersa (Koranic school), Fes
Photo: Tanneries, Fes
Photo: Tanneries, Fes
Photo: Leather goods made from the tanned hides, Fes