Cambodia & Thailand
Dec 13, 2011Public
Photo: my first tuk-tuk ride
Photo: cooking course at Le Tigre de Papier in Cambodia
Photo: Green mango salads and rice paper spring rolls we made
Photo: Angkor Wat temple complex, Cambodia
Photo: monkeys by the temple-we gave them some water
Photo: view from Angkor Wat
Photo: Angkor Wat
Photo: Faces at Angkor Thom, Cambodia
Photo: locals praying to Buddha at Angkor Thom temple
Photo: Bayon at Angkor Thom
Photo: Angkor Thom faces
Photo: one of the many, many original carvings that decorate the Angkor temple complex
Photo: Bakheng Temple, Cambodia
Photo: Monk robes drying in the jungle
Photo: Rice paddy, Cambodia
Photo: Harvesting rice in Cambodia
Photo: Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia
Photo: Teak tree
Photo: local marketplace in Siem Reap, Cambodia- the tray is a shellfish that's cooked on the tray in the sun
Photo: Psa Chas marketplace, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Photo: Fresh fruit for sale on the streets- a very common site
Photo: The King of Thailand is everywhere. Literally. Thais love the King and honor him in all sorts of ways.
Photo: More street fare in Bangkok. It's not unusual to see vendors with propane tanks heating cooking oil right out on the open sidewalk.
Photo: At the Royal Grand Palace in Bangkok. It was actually flooded when I first arrived, but was open the last day of my visit.