Southern Africa
Jul 10, 2014Public
Photo: Soweto- the Southern Western Township of Johannesburg where the blacks were limited to living under apartheid
Photo: Soweto housing
Photo: back of the old power plant- Orland Towers, Soweto, South Africa
Photo: my Soweto tour guide, Ishmael, outside the Hector Pieterson Museum, that commemorates student riots in the 1970s against apartheid
Photo: Nelson Mandela House
Photo: the most famous street in Johannesburg because two Nobel Peace Prize winners lived here- Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu
Photo: the entrance to the Constitutional Court of South Africa in all the recognized languages of the country
Photo: Constitutional Court of South Africa
Photo: Public art outside of South Africa's Constitutional Court
Photo: some South African villagers saying hi- holding up hands and fingers is really common for people in southern Africa when being photographed
Photo: the Ngewnya fair trade and recycled glass factory, Swaziland- the crocodile is a window inside the shop
Photo: a tourist map of Swaziland...
Photo: ..that's not drawn to scale, even though it's a tiny country
Photo: old Portuguese military fort in the capital city, Maputo, Mozambique
Photo: train station Maputo, Mozambique
Photo: train station Maputo, Mozambique
Photo: kids at the train station who wanted me to take their picture- we moved a few times to get the best light
Photo: Casa de Fierro- the Iron House, designed by Gustav Eiffel, Maputo, Mozambique
Photo: Baobab tree- the 'tree of life' in savannah regions of Africa
Photo: a woman going to get water- most likely at the closest school, where the community water pumps tend to be
Photo: a typical town- most businesses are small roadside stands as opposed to shops in formal structures
Photo: hauling passengers and coconuts