Turkey and Portugal
Sep 9, 2011Public
Photo: Cooking Ala Turka class. One of the first things I did upon arriving in Turkey. We're scraping roasted eggplant-a very messy job
Photo: The cooking class--a really fun group. We're eating the ezogelin corbasi (red lentil and bulgur) soup we'd made.
Photo: Hagia Sofia, Istanbul
Photo: At Hagia Sofia, I offered to take a picture of a woman and her little girl. When she offered in return, the little girl also wanted to be in the pictures. She's so cute.
Photo: Hagia Sofia-One of those places that's hard to really appreciate the size until you're there.
Photo: Hagia Sofia- Now just a museum because when Ataturk took over, the Muslims and Christians were fighting over who'd get possession of it as a house of worship, since both had it in the past. As a result, there are Muslim and Christian symbols throughout.
Photo: Blue Mosque, Istanbul
Photo: I'm always fascinated by street food. Next to the roasted corn on the cob (sut misir) is roasted chestnuts (kestane). One TL (Turkish lira) is about 55 cents.
Photo: A Roman mosaic that is part of a huge 'highway' that ran from the Blue Mosque to Hagia Sofia.
Photo: One of the harem rooms at Toptaki Palace
Photo: A view of Istanbul from the harem. Captivity would have sucked.
Photo: Toptaki Palace harem room
Photo: A VIP suite in the harem
Photo: I thought this was a neat window-like feature in Toptaki Palace
Photo: I'm always amused by the often interesting layouts of rooms in boutique hotels. In this one, the bed frame is to my right, and the closet is to my left. It was rather a squeeze to open the closet doors.
Photo: Suleyman Mosque in the Bazaar Quarter. These are some fellow group members of the tour.
Photo: Suleyman Mosque, Istanbul
Photo: Spice Bazaar, Istabul. I bought some red pepper paste (from the one right next to the grape leaves). I used it when I got home and made the ezogelin corbasi I learned to make at the cooking class.
Photo: Bosphorus bridge
Photo: She's making gozleme, which is a pancake/tortilla that is then stuffed with a number a options ranging from potatoes with herbs to cheese and zucchini. They're really doughy (no surprise) but very tasty. These 'fast food' places are commonly found in the central part of Turkey, and this is how they really make them (i.e., this is not just some touristy demonstration).
Photo: Goreme in Cappadocia region of central Turkey.
Photo: Farming near the rock formations
Photo: Me and the rocks
Photo: This is one of many photos I've taken in my life where no matter how many times I click the camera, no pictures do justice to seeing this amazing scenery in person.