Central Europe
Dec 14, 2011Public
Photo: I have an undying fascination with the Astronomical clock in Prague
Photo: Reflection of the Prague Art Museum
Photo: Glass blower in Prague
Photo: Side street in Prague-the architecture in all of Central Europe was really something to see.
Photo: Revolution statue made of keys-To protest during the Communist rule of the Soviets over Czechoslovakia, people would gather in the main square and wave their keys as a sign of support for independence.
Photo: These pastries were really neat looking because the dough was rolled onto dowels that were rotated to bake
Photo: Prague
Photo: One of many, many photos I have of art decorating buildings and houses
Photo: one of many cathedrals visited in Central Europe; this one is a Gothic behemoth in Prague
Photo: View of Czesky Kromlov, Czech Rep. from the castle
Photo: View of Czesky Kromlov, Czech Rep. from the castle.
Photo: Roman ruins in Sopron, Hungary
Photo: boat ride on the Blue Danube
Photo: Budapest Parliament building view from the river cruise
Photo: St. Stephen's Cathedral, Budapest
Photo: I was fascinated by the Soviet Social Realism artwork in the former communist countries.
Photo: cool water fountain in  Budapest
Photo: one of many statues in Budapest; this one is Alan Turing, mathematical genius
Photo: The signs for historical/cultural sites in Hungary had pictures of the places
Photo: wine cellar in Eger, Hungary
Photo: Local morning farmer's market in Eger, Hungary. My love of mushrooms made me envious.
Photo: view of the Slovakian countryside from Spies Castle
Photo: Balcony in Levoca, Slovakia
Photo: Riding the funicular into the High Tatras Mountains, part of the Carpathian Mountain Range in Slovakia